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Wendy Bedford-Jones is the owner and driving force behind Bedford-Jones Equestrian Accessories.

Over the past few years, she has been growing her business of custom made, hand-sewn equestrian products and riding accessories from within the barn community at Grandview Equestrian Centre in Pelham, ON.  In this community Wendy has found that her belts have been a popular item, so expanding the business has been a natural progression.

These high-quality equestrian style belts are designed and produced in a variety of widths, colours, and patterns with unique buckle styles.  They are stretchy and fully adjustable which makes them a perfect fit for the sophisticated sports enthusiast, serious competitor, or supportive spectator, who has a passion for fashion.

Over the past 5 years, Wendy and her husband Greg Pearson have been immersed in the equestrian world supporting their daughter Jessie, in her quest for excellence on the Trillium Hunter Jumper Circuit and more recently in the Angelstone Silver Series. The family has enjoyed the journey through the divisions from short stirrups through large pony to the modified childrens. Throughout these experiences, they have always admired the elegance and style of the Hunter Jumper Equestrian Sport. This admiration proved to be the inspiration behind Bedford- Jones Belts.  


We hope you enjoy our belts! 


Going to battle at Iron Horse

Big jump, little pony!


Noah's Art (Zoom), Peter Gisborn Clinic,

at Grandview Equestrian Centre


Noah's Art at Meadowlarke Stables,

Trillium Show 2018 


Pony hugs with Zoom and Jess


Horse hugs with Rosie and Jess

IMG_1979 4.JPG

Noah's Art, Large Pony Champ.

Parish Ridge Trillium Show 2018


A Little Love Struck, My First Medal Champ,

Trillium Hunter Jumper Champs, Caledon 2016


Wendy with Willow at Grandview


Jess and Rosie at Angelstone schooling


Bedford-Jones Eq. mascot Charlie

IMG_1980 5.jpg

"A Grand Affair" (Rosie) at the Grandview Show